Enabling Small Businesses



iTorho is a South African technology company offering a market place platform for small businesses, freelancers and professionals to access more clients seamlessly. Conveniently transact with digital customers through faster discoverability, simpler client access and efficient online booking management for a seamless payment experience.

Client Brief

Pulse Communications was commissioned to create brand awareness on behalf of Torho Technologies, with the core purpose of driving brand awareness for investment and new sign-ups of suppliers via the marketplace. The key audience was identified as investors and suppliers, including college and university students (with the appeal to become suppliers such as graduating chefs, hairdressers, etc) – early-adopters and events professionals.

Our Work

This was executed through content creation and media relations. Pulse Communications drafted content and pitched it to key media while also profiling the spokesperson in the entrepreneurial space to expose the client and his brand to potential investors.
0 :1
Return On Investment
R 0 K


Our PR drive secured profile features within three key media titles resulting in half a million rand in AVE and a return on investment of 58:1.